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Easy WPML Review 2020 for Beginners - Multilingual WordPress

If you want to have your website or WordPress blog in different languages, you can use WPML. It is one of the most common used multilingual plugins. 

If you are reading this WPML review, it might be because you are considering to learn more about this plugin and buy it.

I have an affiliate link with WPML but that is no reason for me to tell you, yes, just buy it.

I will try to give you the most objective review so that at the end you take the decision either of buying the plugin or not.

WPML has its advantages and disadvantages, and according to your needs, it will be the main key decision influencer for you to get this plugin.

Advantages of WPML Plugin


It worths the money

WPML is a regular plugin that exist on the translation plugins market. There are some other free options, but for the things that you can do, WPML offers a great variety of customization.


Supports SEO

With WPML you can translate the Metadata if you use plugins like Yoast and Rankmath. It also adds the canonical HRE Flangs for the corresponding content. (This tells to Google that you content is not duplicated) And you can translate the URL.

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Total control of the translations

One thing that I have noticed, is that with WPML you can translate the specific word that you want to change. With some other plugins I have had the problem of translating links of the content, or having a better control of the URL translations. This flexibility of WPML gives you no limitation on what you are translating.

DISAdvantages of WPML Plugin

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Your Posts and Pages Dashboard gets messy if you uninstall it.

WPML consumes resources of your server. If you decide to uninstall WPML, the translated pages will start to bee seen as independent pages. This means, that if you have a post translated in 2 languages, then you will see in your Posts dashboard the same post 3 times. This could get messy if you uninstall it or make a backup and reinstall WordPress.


Slows down your website

If you are aiming for a fast website, then this plugin is not for you. WPML will slow down you website. It makes it heavier to load.


Translations are manual

Having total control of translations also has a back fire, you have to translate by your own. I used to copy and paste the content from translators like Google, but this takes too much time. They also offer automatic translation, but you have to pay an extra for that.

For Whom I recommend WPML?

If you are just starting as a Blogger and don’t know anything about WordPress, use the free plugin Gtranslate. This plugin helps you to translate automatically the content. It also offers a paid version if you want to have more tweaks. 

If you want to have a bit more control on your translations then WPML is a good option. I recommend it because it is on a good price and you can have total control of the translations, plus the SEO focus it has to rank better in Google. 

I recommend it for small websites, or small e commerce shops with a few quantity of products.

You can use WPML with WooCommerce, so that is an advantage to consider.

If you have a team that can help you to translate, also there is a Translation Manager area were you can assign the translations.

To be honest, I stopped using WPML because I wanted to try WeGlot, another plugin for WordPress Translation.

WeGlot is a more expensive option that gives an automatic and accurate translation, but it also have some negative aspects that I will comment in its review.

So, if you don’t have the big budget, stay with WPML, but be aware that it may affect on your Website Performance. 

Do you want to see a Quick View of how WPML WOrks?

If you don’t Elementor, it is a page builder for WordPress that help to create easy websites with a drag and drop feature.

I recommend Elementor because it is the easiest way to customize your website how you want.

Also many plugins are already compatible with Elementor, so you don’t have to worry about the compatibility between WPML and Elementor. 

If you want to know mow about this plugin, you can read my review or visit their website. 

WPML Compatibility with Several wordpress Plugin

One of the important things that you have to check before getting WMPL, or as general rule for any other plugin, is to check the compatibility between WordPress Themes and other WordPress Plugin that you might be using. I have shared as well how to use WPGlobus, another translation plugin, but in overall WPML, as it is a most common plugin, it has more compatibility with other plugins. 

Some compatible WordPress Themes & Plugins

Divi Builder
Astra WordPress Theme
AMP for WP
Contact Form 7

THings you must know before buying WPML

WPML Pricing

WPML offers different packages to help you according to your needs. If you only have a small website or personal blog, the multilingual blog version will be enough. 

The one that I am using and recommend is the Multilingual CMS, since it is one of the most complete version of WPML to fully translate the website. 

If you have an agency, or manage multiple number of websites, then the agency version of the wordpress plugin would be the right choice for you. 


Multilingual Blog

$ 29
/ Yearly
  • Translate posts, pages and custom types
  • Translate tags, categories and custom taxonomy
  • Translate WordPress menus
  • 1 Website you can register
  • One year of free updates
  • Renewal per year $21

Multilingual CMS

$ 79
/ Yearly
  • Multilingual Blog Features
  • Translate widgets
  • Translate texts in theme and plugins admin
  • Manage attachments in different languages
  • 3 Websites you can register
  • One year of free updates
  • Renewal per year $59

Multilingual Agency

$ 159
/ Yearly
  • Multilingual CMS Features
  • Unlimited Websites you can register
  • One year of free updates
  • Renewal per year $119

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