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What are WordPress Templates?

If you are starting with WordPress, or already have time with it, you want to find more WordPress Templates and more important if they are for free. 

According to WordPress, the Theme is the design of the WordPress Website. 

To build up a website in this platform, WordPress uses the templates to have a pre built website, and to avoid any start from scratch.

WordPress Templates help you to create a website fast.

There are some already free wordpress templates that you can install direct from the WordPress Dashboard. 

One of the issues of these WordPress Templates is that they might need to be paid if you want a better customization.

And of course, a developer gave up his time to create it, it is normal he wants to get a retribution.

The problem or issue arises when if we decided to pay, and later on we are not happy with the result, after a while we might not get any money back. 

Or we will decide to pay for another WordPress Template, but hoping that the new one will work as we want. 

This changes overtime can get costly, I have past that experience already. }

I wish I have known earlier this next tip that I want to share with you in order to help you to save some money. 


My Experience and Challenges using WordPress Templates

As I started with WordPress, it get difficult to choose which WordPress Themplate can be the perfect for you.

So one thing that I did, was to go to Themeforest.

It is a marketplace website that can help you to find thousands of WordPress Templates

When you to this website you start to search for the template.

So you scroll and scroll, filter and filter, until you find the perfect fit for you.

So many WordPress Templates in Themeforest can get a little bit tricky, but once you find one of your one, then you decide to check its benefits, and its future updates.

So in my case I decided to spend around 50 to 70 USD per theme, and then when I was happy with the purchase, I went ahead and installed it. 

The thing is that, if I waslucky, the website will look just as the preview, and I can have the same for your website.

But after installing the template, sometimes the website required way more job to make it look just alike the preview.

Or another problem that I had, was that overtime, I wanted to change the full look of the website, so I had to spend again 50 USD to buy a new WordPress Template from Themeforest.

And eventually happened the same, or I had speed issues when loading my website. 

So it was just getting a waste of money every time I bought new WordPress Themes.

What happened after? Time to change from Themeforest to Elementor

Eventually I found Elementor. For the ones who don’t know, it is a wordpress page builder that can help you to create faster and in an easy way new WordPress Websites.

One thing to note is that Elementor doesn’t help that much when it comes to speed optimization, but I talk more about it on my Elementor Review. 

So comparing Themeforest with Elementor, this last one can help you to save a lot of money. 

WIth Elementor you don’t really need new themes, or be changing from one theme to the other to have the look that you want. 

It is compatible with most free and paid WordPress theme, but if you are looking for the perfect themes that work with Elementor, you can use Hello ( which is included in the Pro Version of Envato), or Astra, another good and fast wordpress theme. 

Elementor, and other pagebuilders like Divi, can help you to fully customize in an easy way your website.

You can either use only the free Elementor version, or if you want, you can get the Pro version.


Elementor alone is not just the big deal- with Envato Elements is!

But the thing doesn’t stop just by having Elementor. I eventually found a better option for creating your wordpress website.

Envato Elements, is a quite recent website that offers plenty of digital assets.

Among those digital assets, it includes a FREE wordpress plugin. 

Yes, the envato elements plugin can help you for free to create your wordpress website.


The combination between Elementor (it can also be the free version) with the Envato Elements plugin gives you the option of taking the free templates for your website.

It is really easy and free to create amazing WordPress websites.

You can stop buying WordPress Templates and start using this combination. 

Here I share you the video where I show you how to use it. 

I hope it helps you better to visualize how can you use Envato Elements and Elementor.

So that is my tip.

Stop buying the Themeforest WordPress Themes. 

You can have better WordPress websites for free.

You can also pay the Elementor Pro Version and the Envato Elements to get even more features and access to more digital assets.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope this information about Themeforest WordPress themes helped you.

You can either go for free or pay the premium, but for sure you can save a lot of money.

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