What is a Hosting? 1 Easy explanation for Beginners.

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Before starting, I want to notify that I don’t consider myself a Tech Guru or expert. 

This post is to describe what is a Hosting from my point of view as a blogger, and share my experience using hosting services.

I want to make it easier to understand for beginners, why is hosting a MUST when starting your own website.

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What is a Hosting?

The Hosting, is basically the servers where all your website information and database will be stored.

If you don’t have a hosting provider, then you won’t have a website by your own.

There are some services given by WordPress or Blogger, where you can have your website without a Hosting.

But there will be limitations on the look and feel of your website.

As well as that you might not have the freedom to control your own website.

Is it clear?

Basically, in other words, you need a computer that will be turn on for 24/7 and that people can access it from everywhere. 

You don’t want to use your own personal computer to do that.

You want to have the website information on a safe place, that runs fast, where you can get customer support, and where readers can have access to it. 

That is why you need a hosting.

Key characteristics on how to choose a good Hosting provider.

There are several things to consider when selecting a Hosting provider.

Of course, we bloggers, at the beginning we don’t have the big budget.

So, money is one key factor when deciding which is the best hosting provider.

Then, we want to know if it is a fast hosting provider.

We want a website that goes fast, where the user can have a good experience and don’t leave the website because of loading times.

Even for Google and its ranking factors, website speed is a key factor to improve places on their searches.

Reliability. We want that our website is available at every time and the information is safe.

Number of website visits. How much visitors are you expecting to have. Don’t worry too much if you see it as a limitation, because hosting services offers instant upgrade if you exceed. But be aware of the extra costs.

And there are some extra information, that is more technical. Like if it is a shared or dedicated hosting. 

If it has website builders, if it is specialized managed for wordpress or if it is collocated and you have to take care of it.

As beginners, trust me, we just want fast, worth the money, that it is reliable and can keep up with my number of visitors. 

Why is important to have a good Hosting provider?

To find all those previously mentioned factors will be the key to have a smooth running website.

It is important to select the correct Hosting, because if for some reason it doesn’t go as we expect, then we might get frustrated, and eventually your readers.

I know there are so many hosting providers, which one is the best one? 

Honestly, that is hard to tell unless you have tested every single hosting provider.

I can just talk about my experience with 3 different hosting providers.

And changing from one to other had given me more experience of learning which are the good things and bad things of a hosting provider.

As I said, I am not a specialized Tech Guru or something related, I am a digital marketer and blogger who has searched to OPTIMIZE WEBSITE SPEED.

The faster your website is, the better the possibilites that Google will like even more your site.

As simple as that, you need a good Hosting to have a fast, secure, reliable website.

The better speed will be better user experience, and therefore better for Google. 

So I will tell you more about my story.


From Godaddy vs Siteground vs Kinsta My Experience on Hosting For WordPress

When I started blogging 5 years ago, I started with Godaddy. 

Godaddy has been one of the most known hosting providers in the region, they are based in Phoenix, Arizona.

My Domain names were bought there, so I also though, why not buy the hosting here.

As a blogger who is starting, we just look for the cheap option.

As I built my WordPress website, I didn’t care too much about speed optimization.

I didn’t knew too much about SEO, I just wanted to write and hope the people read my content.

Internet doesn’t work like that.

If we want to get visitors, one way is through SEO, and the In-site and Off-site optimization matters.

So after learning how to improve website speed, I was still not happy with Godaddy, so I decided to give it a try to Siteground.

I wish I could have the numbers to show, but Siteground did improved the speed.

By the time in the hosting of Siteground, I installed Elementor, one plugin that helps you to create websites with a drag and drop feature, but it slows your website if you don’t have the right combination. 

My website speed with Siteground was around 3 seconds.

Siteground has an excellent and fast customer service, but I was starting to have problems and Server errors while publishing pages with Elementor.

I asked for help to the support, and they said it was fixed, but the loading times of elementor was so slow. 

So this started to desperate me, so I kept searching for another wordpress hosting.

I do recommend Siteground, if you are on limited budget, because Kinsta is a more expensie option.

From many reviews that I read, I heard that Siteground is a very good one.

In my experience I can only say that is faster than Godaddy.

But if you have budget, I can say you that Kinsta is even better.

Google Cloud, the reason Kinsta is a fast wordpress hosting service.

Since I work in the biggest IT company in Europe, one of their main topics is the Cloud.

The most important IT companies with Cloud services are Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

So I started to make my research about Google Cloud, and I learned that they offer the service of hosting WordPress on their servers.

Who can have faster WordPress Hosting than Google?

Well, probably their main competitors, but for sure Google can offer high technology. 

So while reading about their WordPress Services, you can actually have One year of Free WordPress Hosting if you do all the settings for yourself.

There are some tutorials in Youtube that can help you, but honestly, as a non Tech guy, probably I will mess up something.

So what was the alternative that Google mentioned if you wanted some services that handle WordPress, use either Kinsta or WP Engine.

Prices between Kinsta and WP Engine are the same, so basically I decided Kinsta just to give it a try.


Migrating from Siteground to Kinsta

Kinsta offers migration from some hostings.

They even offer premium service.

But to be honest, as a non techie, there were things that actually made me struggle.

For Techies, this might be silly.

During the migration you were required to use some data like FTP, Nameservers, IP address and other information.

I thought that the migration was easier, but it just required to know where to get that information from Siteground, and ready.

It took around 2 days to have the website fully migrated.

But my problem was that the Database was carrying bugs and some other problems, that I better decided to start from scratch, and upload my content as if I was building again the website.

What I don’t like that much from the support, is that Kinsta mainly look only for their server issues and not too much about helping you with things very related to WordPress.

A big difference between Siteground and Kinsta.

But I handle to fix my website, and I got what I wanted, SPEED.

Once everything was set up, like WP Rocket, and Elementor. It got everything way better.

Pingdom Tools, GTMetrix and PageSpeed show better numbers.

Here I share you some screenshots.


My Website Speed Tests With Kinsta


Of course there can be many optimizations to be done.

My mobile site still needs improvement.

But for now I am happy that I changed to Kinsta.

I will still have to wait to see how my Google Ranking improves over time.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope this information about Kinsta give you a more overview of this.

As I mentioned, if you under budget, give it a try with SIteground.

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