Why should Small Business worry about Digital Marketing?

The importance of Digital Marketing

Digitalization is affecting every single moment of our lives. There is no moment where people are not reading news or sharing moments through their smartphones. People’s eyes are mostly of the time consuming digital content, that businesses most be active to be there when they are searched. Digital Marketing has brought many advantages to businesses, specially because of the specific targeting of their audiences. Digital Marketing is not any more any buzz topic, is now a reality and Small Businesses should start to take more advantage out of it, specially for their local markets, where they can actually use their local knowledge to compete agains multinationals. 

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Where can Small Business start with Digital Marketing?

One thing noticed on Small Business, is that even that if they do have a website, sometimes they don’t have the men power or the real capacity to operate the activities required for a successful marketing campaign online. Small Business might think that just having a website will be enough, but marketers know that it is not even close to be true. 

Growing a website requires time and effort, so as well as a a small business. Creating content and attracting new visitors is a hard task to do. Therefore, one tip is to hire students  who are willing to work for hours that adjust to their studies and in return the small business can start generating their new content for their website. 

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Aiming for Local SEO

When the content marketing strategy has been developed, it is important that Small Business keep in mind to generate local content. This means that their effort should be to create content that is relevant to the area were they serve. For example, for restaurants it is important to generate content that includes the name of the city. This way the city will turn into a relevant Keyword that must appear on their content strategy. There are some websites like SEO Local Rank that guide local businesses to improve their rankings on google. Probably for some business owner it might be a total new world to just mention SEO, but there are already professionals who can help. 

Don't Forget your Social Media

As well, generating content for social media will be a key factor to keep audiences engaged. New and fresh content that gives information or entertains the people will be a way to keep interacting with current customers and attract potential new ones. As well, using social ads generates the possibility to increase the performance of their current posts. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and TikTok are now the social media platforms that are keeping the attention of the audiences. It is important to know who is you audience and what are their customs. It barely make sense to be in Linkedin if you are merely a B2C business, but as well, there might be an opportunity of expansion through diversification, or the opportunity to find new hires or new suppliers. It is a matter of perspective.

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Digital Marketing is a friend not a foe

There is a new playground for businesses, and the ones who are brave enough to risk, are the ones who can increase their change of keep growing. Businesses should rely on digital marketing to keep attracting new customers, specially younger generations. Therefore, getting in touch with specialists could be the right decision if small business don’t know where to start.