600,000+ Low Cost Stock Video Footage with Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a digital assets subscription where you can find plenty of files like the stock video footage that help you with your digital projects. This post is recommended for creators, digital marketers, freelancers, video producers, or any other person who is interesting in video creation. or also in digital content creation. 

If you are looking for free or low cost stock video footage here are my tips.

As a digital marketer and content creator, one thing that we must have problems when doing video is the footage.

Shooting your own video for your project could be the ideal.

But when it comes to some projects, sometimes either we don’t have budget, the equipment or the skills to do it, then it can get complicated.

So to have a video with more impact we try to fill the video with footage that can give a plus to it. 

But where can we get the footage from, and that it doesn’t have license problems.

So we start to google, free stock video footage and we have found sites like Pexels and Pixabay.

We are happy that we found the perfect footages for our videos and are Creative Commons, so we don’t have to worry that much about the license.

But then, there are going to be days when you are surffing the internet that you found another video that it had the same footage as your own video.

It does feel weird, isn’t?

That is one of the problems of accessing to free stock video footage. 

Anyone can have access to those videos, and if you are using it for commercial purposes, then you don’t want your boss to see those kind of mistakes.

So one thing to do is to look for paid options.

Here is when Adobe Stock, Getty Images, or Shutter Stock appear. 

If you have big budgets, great, you can use them.

But if you are a mortal without a big budget, then you might want to think it twice if you are planning to create videos with some stock video footage.

The cost of their stock video footage is more than 80 dollars per video. 

And I don’t want to see this is overpriced, the quality is really good, but it is not accesible for everyone.

But if you don’t have the budget to pay for other type of stock video footage, then what can you do?

Here is where Envato Elements appear on the scene.

They have created a platform where you can find thousands of digital assets.

Among those assets, you can find several stock video footage material.

You can find different categories, such as nature, business, technology and much more. 

But why am I recommending Envato Elements?

The answer is simple.

For around 180 dolars a year, you can get access to thousands and thousands of digital files.

The price is really cheap, that is one point.

If we compare what a video at Adobe Stock costs and with Envato Elements subscription, it is almost the same. 

Plus, you have more than one video, you have around 600,000 stock video footage available.

Of course not all videos are the best quality, but they can help you to create content.

In the following video I talk a little bit more about what is Envato Elements



Learn more about Envato Element, the Stock Video Footage site at low cost

Get more than just stock video footage, also video templates and motion graphics.

Also another benefit of having the Envato Elements account is tha access of other type of files.

If you are a design freelancer, then finiding new fonts, graphics and other types of templates is going to be easy.

I give the notice that as well not everything is great quality, but some of the assets are good and can help to make work faster and easier.

For Video producers, there is the possibility to find after effect templates that can improve the quality of your videos.

The templates require more profficient knowledge fo After Effects.

Nevertheless, the use of those files can give an high improvement to the videos.

If you are creative and know how to really combine the assets, you can get outstanding results.

That is the thing that I like of Envato Elements.

If you want to know more in deep about it, you can read my ⭐ Ultimate Envato Elements Review.

For more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.