Software Developer Engineer Today’s Profession

One of the professions that are in high demand today is software developer engineer . Undoubtedly, these specialists are being artists in the world of technology with the creation of new applications and software that are facilitating different activities and creating new business models that generated a disruptive innovation.

Years ago the creation of social networks  was followed by mobile applications and now we are seeing the development of more and more systems. Uber, Snapchat, Pokemon Go, among many other applications that are created by engineers is changing people’s lifestyle. Thanks to the work and intelligence of software developers, a dynamic environment is being created.

For those who are not used to or have not studied thoroughly, hearing discussions about Javascript seems that is in another language. Complexities in the world of developers are the daily bread. As the article by Alejandro Hernandez in Top Total, which is titled Init.js A Guide to the Why and How of Full-Stack Javascript, which is describing step by step an issue in  the development to simplify the start of other Javascript projects.

In addition, to show the relevance of being a Software Developer Engineer today in some countries, I found the following infographic that shows the demand for information technology specialists by province in the dutch country, as well as a global comparison. Similarly, it mentions how companies find the talent they need for their operations in which it is mentioned that they do it through its Human Resources department, also through companies dedicated to generate a pool of specific candidates, as Top Total, and through outsourcing services.

If language learning is how we communicate with people, learning this type of language is also a requirement to communicate in this digital world. What would we do without an engineer in software development?

Infografía: Software Developer Engineer Demand in Netherlands

Source: Redwerk

Software Developer Engineer Infographic

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  1. Software developers play an important role in technology, have extraordinary talent and make enormous efforts in creating a variety of projects, today it is a prestigious profession that not everyone can get.

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