What is social media analytics and one example of it.

While you hear everywhere that you should have accounts on every social media to attract followers and convert them into customers, you might not hear about what to do with the list of supporters. As small business owners and probably with social media sites, you might have 100, 1000, 10000 or more than 100,000 followers, but what to do with that amount of followers. How to have a greater impact on them? How to learn more about their likes and interests? How to do really effective my marketing efforts?

The advantage of having a presence on a social network is that many of these platforms have a tool called “analytics“.

TechTarget Definition of Social Media Analytics:

The practice of gathering data from blogs and social media websites and analyzing that data to make business decisions. 

Lets use the most used social network, Facebook, as an example of this definition.

When Facebook asks users to register, they give their simple information such as name, age, sex, and city. As they are using the social network, they begin to follow things that get their attention. With this, Facebook is creating a profile that fits the person within a potential segment.

As people like a Fanpage, Facebook gives administrators the opportunity to convert that data into visual insights that can generate business intelligence to the company.

In the next picture, we could say that the business should focus on developing more market oriented products to the segment of  male aged 18-24, this because 19% of its followers belong to this group.

Facebook Analytics
Business 2 Community

In this other image, we know that their followers are usually between 8 am to 9 pm. For this business, it would be good to post between there hours, because it is more likely to have more organic reach.  If your company has a higher peak at a certain time, it is recommended to publish at that time.

Facebook Analytics Time
Business 2 Community

When developing a social media marketing campaign on Facebook with the information of the example, we know a potential group and when they could see the ad. Instead of spending money to reach men and women of all ages and publish it at any time, we could focus our marketing effort to a well segmented group who are prospects with a high probability of conversion thanks to the social media analytics.

There are some other insights that Facebook gives us that I will cover in another post. My point now is to demonstrate that the data was transformed into information and that information can be transforme into business intelligence to make better decisions when you create an ad or learn more about your audience. This is learning how to use social media analytics. We must take advantage of tools such as social media analytics because it creates greater efficiency in social media marketing. And remember, what is not measured it can’t be improved.

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