How to talk to small business owners about social media marketing, digital marketing and social media analytics?


Lately I’ve been busy with a new project that will be used for a future service in social media marketing, digital marketing, email marketing and their analytics. I visited small businesses in my town Agua Prieta and I met with several of the managers or owners. For my surprise many were unaware of the digital status of your company. Few have a website, and some others at least have a Facebook page. Mentioning Google as a marketing tool, to my surprise, it was a strange language to them and not say when I mentioned Yahoo or Bing.

For the ones that are in the world of digital marketing it is easy to understand the importance of taking digital tools to potentiate further marketing strategies of companies. But for those who are stuck every day in their business, their primary concern is to sell their product or service to get enough income to cover expenses. For them, it is somewhat difficult to stop a moment to understand the digital world.

If small business owners have a millenial as family or employee, they are who typically take the job of digital marketing, but if there are none, the digital strategy is left behind.

So, how to talk to small business owners to understand what we’re talking about? This is my plan for providing me the plan when talking about digital marketing issues with them.

1. Use synonyms and definitions.

Using the term “search engine optimization” will be difficult for some people like other terms, so I’m will have to say it in a different way. Mention it as “your site appear in the top of Google,” might have a better outcome. As with many other keywords that can sound strange for them.

2. Take pictures or videos with you.

Show them a print screen or bring in a tablet with the front end of your idea. A picture of the website, Fan Page, videos and other stuff will help when explaining and it will be easier as they are watching. It is difficult to talk about an idea and make the people understand at once, therefore it will be helpful with some resources.

3. Show analytics charts

And what if we speak of analytics? Those who study the insights that digital tools provide, quickly notice how to improve a campaign. But by offering the service to a company, we have to carefully explain what the graphs tell us and how you can benefit the client with such information.

I would definitely stand with new situations that I will have to solve in order to facilitate the process of digital transformation of the businesses. Digital marketing is also a language that specialists have to translate.

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