11 Sleep hacks every entrepreneur needs to know

Certainly, for some it may be a privilege and for others it may be an obligation. What is true is that rest and sleep are vital to stay healthy every day. How do you feel when you don’t sleep well? Following different sleep tips could help you get a better mental and physical health.

I know people who sleep less than their 8 hours or even less than 4. Sometimes when I see them, they appear to be ok, but I think that eventually health might suffer the consequences. The entrepreneur must work hard to look after their new busines, but also, as mentioned in the 8 tips to survive the first year of entrepreneurship, has to give his time to rest.

Sleepy People in the infographic presents 11 “Hacks” to sleep every entrepreneur should know.

1. Get your body clock into a routine

Have you feel that you wake up every day at a certain hour, and when it is your day off you also wake up at the same time. The body gets used to a certain schedule and you’ll be physically more relaxed if you stick to them. Respect the schedule of the routine and automatically your body will tell you when is bedtime.

2. Take it easy before bed

You take work home or to your bedroom? Stop it, sometimes you need to think about yourself and forget a bit of work. This will help you go to sleep without thinking about all your have to do.

3. Work out how much sleep you actually need

Maybe eight hours are not for you, but probably with seven hours you might feel good. Find what is your ideal time to sleep. Your body talks to you and tells you how much is enough, learn to listen.

4. Ban screens from the bedroom

The hardest thing for millennials and entrepreneurs, sleeping next to the smartphone is common, so it is time to create a habit of using less the digital devices.

5. Keep the bedroom cool

According to the infographic, the ideal is 15 to 18 degrees. You think so? I recommend that you seek the proper temperature to avoid having to get up at midnight. Not too hot, not too cold.

6. Save the bedroom for sleeping

Difficult, no? Ideally, the mind must set that the bedroom is the perfect place to rest and not to the work place.

7. Write tomorrow’s to do list tonight

Going to bed thinking about what it you should do tomorrow can be stressful. Make your list of duties for the next day, so that you can have a better organization over your things.

8. Write out your problems or keep a diary

Leave your troubles elsewhere. It would be practical to write and don’t have the problems in your mind. Worry about them the next day, not in bed.

9. Listen white noise or sounds of nature

Music is a great ally of relaxation. Try listening to some music to help forget all the noises that cause no peace.

10. Practice mindfulness meditation

You can clear your mind through meditation, it will help keep us on focus. Meditation can help dispel for a moment what worries.

11. Save caffeine for the morning

Caffeine helps us in the morning to get energy, on the contrary if we take it at night. We must avoid stimulants that can affect sleep.


Infografía consejos para dormir

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