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In this page, I selected some of the SEO tools that I have seen that are the most common used or asked by companies to be used for SEO. For personal experience, I have tried closely Searchmetrics, Semrush and Siteimprove. To give a wider look other SEO Tools I also included on the list Ryte, Ahrefs and Moz.

Here I will give some of the main features that the Searchmetrics Competitors have to offer.

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Price on demand


$ 99 per month
  • Standard Version


$ 99 per month
  • Lite Version


$ 107,91 per month on year contract
  • Basic Suite Version


$ 99 per month
  • Pro Version


One of the SEO tools that I have to checked more closely has been Semrush. By far, I think is one of the most complete SEO tools available. All tools are great, and have their advantages, but by price, features and easiness to use, Semrush is a good option among SEO tools.


Some of Semrush features are the following.

Organic Research

See competitors’ best keywords. Discover new organic competitors. Observe position changes of domains.

Advertising Research

Analyze сompetitor ad budgets and keywords. Monitor ad copy and landing pages. Discover New Competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads. Localize Your Ad Campaigns.

Display Advertising Tool

Get an overview of your competitors’ GDN strategies. Analyze competitors' display ads. Spot new publishers. View display ads from different devices.

Amazingly responsive

Conduct a deep link analysis. Understand referring domains' authority. Check backlinks' types. Spot your links' geolocation.

Community builder

Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns. Gather phrase matches and related keywords. Get long-tail keywords. Explore multinational and multilingual environments.

Product Listing Ads

Define your product listing ad (PLA) competitors. Get insight into your PLA competitors’ product feeds. See your competitors’ best-performing PLAs.



Ryte has a free trial for a couple days. Here you can check different aspects of your website. This software aims to help to achieve website, content and search success.

I have seen or consider Ryte as a new SEO tool that looks promising. I haven’t take too much the time to really use the platform, but for starting it is one of the SEO tool that is growing in popularity thanks to their user interface and focus on experience. It aims to find and fix errors that might exist on your website, as well as to plan and write better content for it. Ryte guides you to evaluate and improve your performance in Google search ranking.


Ahrefs has been one of the most common SEO tools that have plenty of users worldwide. It is a tool that helps to improve search traffic, to make research on competitors and to have a clear monitor of the niche you are on.

One of the most used features is the backlink analysis. As known for SEO, backlinks are one of the key ranking factors that help to position the website in search engines.

In Ahrefs, you can obtain the organic search reports, keyword explorer, content analysis, and a ranking tracker.



MOZ is an online website that helps in different aspects of a SEO plan. From the keyword research to backlink analysis.

One of my favorite tool that is free and gives an accurate value of your SEO rank is the MOZbar. This tool helps you evaluate how much your website might be worth for Google in a scale from 1-100.  Only a few number of website like Facebook & Amazon have scores that reach 99.

The rest of the tools that MOZ offers are limited to a number of queries or days of usage.


It is a cloud-based software that helps website to improve as well their search rankings.
They have a core product platform that includes different modules that will support the SEO tasks that are needed to be done by a SEO specialist, SEO manager and digital marketer.
It gives fully automated website checks, performance metrics, and industry benchmarks to have an overall view of the website’s health.
Siteimprove has 4 modules.
Content & Accessibility provides the information needed to create and improve the written content. It helps for readability and user experience recommendations.
SEO module supports the analysis of competitors, monitoring keywords, growing traffic, provide ROI, and also content creation.
Analytics module give key metrics, funnels, behavior maps, user journeys and feedback.
Data privacy module helps to fulfill the local law requirements like GDPR.


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