Roccbox, the portable oven for pizza everywhere

Different industries have to visualize how to continue innovating so they can improve the supply of products or services that people need. The large number of new projects that are emerging globally, unfortunately, don’t get to stay for years or even not last for months in the market. Being innovative is an essential part to outstand, but it does not ensure that you will be the leader, or that the desired level of sales will be achieved.

However, it is noteworthy that the current innovations are being noticed and are improving some aspects people life. At Futurism, there is an interesting project of Roccbox Ltd about a portable oven that can cook anywhere where you are.

The project raised a million dollars on IndieGoGo, a crowdfunding platform that allowed them to reach their goal. Within the site there are thousands of innovative projects that look very promising and perhaps reach the goal of financing, but are not always available in all markets.

Do you want a Roccbox in your house? The listed price is $559, an amount within what a stove costs. For lovers of Italian food, it would be amazing to have a portable oven to have more food choices when going to a park or the beach. In northern Mexico, it would be a different choice for grilling lovers during the weekends with friends and family. Even for restaurants, one possibility of innovation is presented in its processes within the kitchen. To have a pizza ready in 90 seconds that’s a good time, which would help speed up deliveries.

Crowdfunding Roccbox

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