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Some may know, some others not, I did a online master in Strategic Management of Family Businesses. I got a scholarship from FUNIBER, which gave me the opportunity to make a double degree by the International Iberoamerican University and the European University Miguel de Cervantes. The experience was totally different from what I studied in the Tecnologico de Monterrey. No doubt the Tec system keeps you on the limit with a perfectly scheduled calendar so that you can take the time go to with lectures, do tasks, projects, and other extracurricular activities.Studying online requires high discipline, since no teacher is watching every move you do. It is up to you to do readings, watch videos, homework and other activities. Either a bachelor or master, both require the same effort as if you were enrolled in a traditional university.
If you ask med which one is better from traditional studies or online studies certainly I choose the first one. People might have their own opinion, but the online school does represent a big advantage for all those who would use the time for other activities such as work. Also, learning at your own pace is another advantage of studying online.The purpose of this post is not to compare with the traditional university. I want to share the universities in Mexico and  United States that are already offering bachelors and masters.

Online degrees in business from United States

Online Bachelor and Master Degrees Universities

Online PHD and Doctor Degrees Universities

 Online degrees in business from Mexico

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