Newsletters: Spam or Real Content?

Newsletters are people actually reading them

When you use your electronic mail to subscribe to the information, you are giving you contact information in order to get in return some kind of coupon, information, new deals, etc.  

After doing the registration action, you will start to receive the confirmation.

And here is when the adventure of being in the newsletter of a company start.

How many newsletters do you actually receive from the company?

Do you actually read them?

Are they actually useful?

That has been one of my questions, because as you start registering to many newsletters, you will have a huge amount of emails.

Do you have the time?

When is a newsletter becoming spam?

What companies are doing, are creating databases that one an email is registered, it can be shared with other internal databases.

This means that even if you only want to receive information of something specific, you might actually start receiving more other emails from other departments.

Of course, as a business you want to make your numbers grow, and even when asking the user if he accepts to subscribe to other services, it might be receiving not actual key information for him.

The search to reach a customer should be more carefully and according the their needs.

If the customer wanted apples, and he likes to buy apples and get informed about apples, why would you send information about oranges.

So then what to do?

Target the newsletters with specific content

I know that this suggestion might get more difficult, but the content that the must be sent could be instead of a generic newsletter, create content specific newsletters.

What I mean with this?

If your company has main topics that are around your products or services, and if people are desiring to know more about it, then just give it what they want to know.

They want to discover the tips and tricks of that specific topic, and you are the expert who is walking them through. 

So would recommend, one way to this is organize you already created content according to the topics, generate a pool of information, and segment according to specific content.

In my opinion this could be a way to avoid overwhelming customers with information that they might not want.

I personally sometimes read email and sometimes I don’t.

But I do feel that when companies send out too many emails from their different databases, then it is getting intruding. 

If you have more opinions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope sharing my opinion of newsletters help.

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