Infographic: How to choose a Customer Relationship Management

The selection of a quality software is difficult for businesses. There are already several options that offer the best CRM, Cutomer Relationship Management. New companies of CRM has facilitated the process, but what is not simple is to choose one. As I have mentioned in previous articles, a CRM used to have more control, order and track prospects and customers.

Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, ZohoCRM and thousands more names may appear on the long list of CRM software. Undoubtedly, to select one is difficult for managers, it must be a easy to use software or something that can be adapted to the real needs of the company. The free versions of CRM in the cloud, are a good way to try before you buy, like other freemium services that some companies also offer to attract customers.

However, until a team does not start using the software daily, it will be difficult to adapt, since the bad processes of a business fade slowly. The same thing would apply for the instalation of a CRM in an organization. The sales and marketing deparment are the ones who will have to review previously which customer relationship management adapts. The benefits of a CRM are many, so the team that will use it should be aware that the company is seeking to adopt it to improve its sales system and customer relationship.

Pipedrive has made an infographic which mentions what are some key elements to analyze when choosing the best sales CRM sales. Aspects such as integration with other applications, organizational goals, to get feedback from customers, ease of use and training, pricing, customization, option to connect to mobile devices and the use of demo are variables that should help to choose the best CRM.

Infographic: How to Choose a Sales CRM


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Infographic: How to choose a Customer Relationship Management
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