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Google My Business for Small Business, a good tool to create online presence.

Perhaps, as professionals of digital marketing, it is easy for us to implement different strategies that can help our clients or companies to improve their digital presence. But business owners who do not know all the services that can be found on the Internet, it can be difficult to understand terms like SEO, SEM, online positioning and Web development.

To help small business with a better digital presence, Google launched “My Business”, which has been a merger of the tools that previously they used like Google Places for Business and Google Pages. With Google My Business, the search engine makes work more easy for your company in order to appear in the top of the browser.

What would be a benefit of this? Besides being a free tool, Google My Business allows you to easily locate local people. Your business will be available in Google Maps, in addition to being in the search engine. This can be a great benefit, because you could be closer to consumers.

Here is the link so that they can register their SMEs if they have not already.

Google My Business


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