7 Global Marketing Campaigns that you should not miss

Around the world the creativity comes in different people to create great innovations that help companies improve every day. Marketing is highly dependent on creative ideas, and thanks to them, arise projects that help attract new prospects and convert them into customers. Here I share videos 7 Global Marketing campaigns that have drawn public attention.

1. Jeff Goldblum Sparte the Act

Currys PC campaign WorldChristmas 2015 has been awarded the British Arrows Commercial of the year. In the videos the player Goldblum gives acting lessons to show people how to respond with dignity when they receive something that is not to your liking.

2. Persil and Omo Free the Kids

Unilever is responiendo down there in the children go outside to play. With its product line launched Persil and Omo Free the Kids campaign where it is revealed that children are spending the same time outside as prisoners. One of every two children at least spend an hour outside and one in every 10 has never played outside.

3. Expedia Dream Adventures

To help children who stay for months in hospitals, Expedia campaigned to give encouragement through a specialized room.

4. Dell Future Ready

Dell released three videos to tell a story and show how technology can help people and businesses.

5. OXO Tested on Humans

Brand household goods OXO launched “Tested on Humans” to show its diversity of products, and as ordinary people are what make testing their products.

6. Apple Timer for Cookie Monster

Apple is touting Siri free hands to your Iphone 6s with Star Plaza Sesamo, El Come cookies.

7. Always Girl Emojis

Procter & Gamble with its Always brand, is giving a boost to his campaign #LikeAGirl presenting his video Girl Emojis. This aims to promote the development of emoji where women appear more.

Source: Light House Insights 

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