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This Webpage has been created with a Envato Elements WordPress Template for Elementor


As personal experience, I have spent lots of money on wordpress templates over the years. 

Now that I found Envato Elements Plugin, which is both free and paid version. I can have better templates for my Website. 

If you are starting in the blogging world or already have experienced with it, maybe you already know about Envato Markets and ThemeForest. It is a marketplace for templates that can be specially used to create better WordPress websites.

Since years I have been buying different wordpress templates on Envato Markets, which they cost around 50 USD, you only pay it once and you usually keep receiving the automatic updates. But the thing is that when eventually you want to make some changes, or the template makes your website slow, or many other reasons, then you start feeling that you are just wasting your money. And it actually is like that.

So after years of experience, so far one of my favorite design combination for a wordpress website is with the Envato Elements Plugin and Elementor. (Which both can be used for FREE or paid for more features)

My recommendation to get Free WordPress Templates for Elementor is with Envato Elements Plugin

One of the easiest ways to create a website that I found is with Envato Elements Plugin and Elementor. Both can be used as free wordpress plugin or if needed as well they offer pro versions to enhance even more your website.

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Envato Elements as mentioned in my review, is one subscription service for digital marketers and specially for designers to access thousands of digital assets to improve different projects that require any sort of creative project. Through their WordPress plugin, the envato elements plugin is really helpful, because it adds to Elementor a big variety of fully customisable website templates to improve the design of it. 

Elementor itself is a great and easy Drag and Drop wordpress plugin to create websites with good designs. I would say that their templates are ok, but still quite limited on the amount of what they have. Therefore, this Envato Elements Plugin adds a great advantage to it.

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Paying the subscription of Envato Elements also makes it easier to add licensed stock image footage to the website, without the need of searching for images on other sites.

How to use Envato Elements Plugin and have access to 100 Free WordPress Templates for Elementor.

Finding the best wordpress template for your website might be a headache, time and money consuming. Honestly, this combination between Elementor and Envato Elements are great to have access to better wordpress templates and create better web designs fast and easy. Both offer the paid version, but if you are just beginning you can go all in with the free version and still have an amazing website.