3 Free CRM Software in the cloud that can help your small business

If you do not know this kind of software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software that manages relationships with different customers of the company.
The advantages allowing CRM software are:
  • Help marketing and sales team to follow up leads to generate sales.
  • Help the organization with its customer portfolio and have a better control over their information.
  • Have customer information ready for employees in order to provide better service and understanding of their needs.

There are several companies offering such software and here I share some with the option of being cloud solutions with a free plan. It is noteworthy that the plans may have some limitations and to have a complete CRM it is required to make a monthly payment.

1. Zoho CRM

The free plan of Zoho CRM software allows up to 10 users. You can generate a list of prospects, contacts and accounts and manage events, opportunities and make calls. It allows communication with other users and it has a storage up to 1 GB. It also includes easy integration with other Zoho software.

2. Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 also offers a cloud computing ree cloud plan with the possibility of 12 users. Has 5GB of storage, unified communications and corporate social networking, video conferencing, as well as management agendas, leaflets, tracking, Gantt chart, document management and time planning sales automation. A very interesting proposal for a free CRM software.

3. Insightly

This CRM software offers email marketing, have up to 2,500 records, 200MB of storage. The free Insighlty plan only allows 2 users. It also offers a online community support to help you in how to use the CRM software.


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