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What are some stock image footage for your website?

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⭐ Free ⭐
Va Canva:
Abay Pixabay:
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✅ Storyblocks:
✅ Envato Elements:

An image bank is a site where you can access to acquire images and photographs from professionals.

In this video I show some examples of sites where you can find free images for web pages

I would like to mention Pixabay as it is a free platform. Pixabay contains a vast amount of images that can be used for personal use and also for commercial use. The only downside I see is that since it is a free platform, you can find the same images in other people’s projects on the internet.

I also mention Canva as another image bank, since for all those who are not designers, this makes it easier for them to use images that already contain use rights and thus create their images. The advantage of Canva is that you don’t have to download images from any other image bank and upload them again. With Canva this work is direct. Another advantage is that its use is free, and if the premium version is desired it gives greater access to more images.

The following sites that I will mention are sites that, in addition to being an image bank, also include other digital files. Envato Elements and Videoblocks / Storyblocks. I personally use Envato Elements because they also have access to templates for creating web pages and creating videos, plus their annual cost is cheaper than Videoblocks. Some do not consider Envato Elements good because if you stop paying the subscription, then you will no longer have the license to use the files for new projects. On the other hand, with Storyblocks, even if you stop paying the license, you can use the file for new projects. I highly recommend Envato Elements for website builders, and Storyblocks for people who think about reusing images multiple times and don’t want to be paying for the subscription.

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