The Digital Marketing Objectives

When I was working for the digital marketing team of ARP Europe GmbH I realized the importance of establishing clear objectives to know where we need to go.

On this page I share some examples of Digital Marketing objectives.

Establishing why I want to meet digital marketing objectives.

Other websites talk about the importance of defining objectives and how they should be for a digital marketing plan.

It is mentioned that they must be SMART.

Specific. Specific.

Measurable Measurable

Achievable Achievable.

Realistic Realistic

Timely. Established for a certain time.

As a company, whether it is completely online or in the process of being digitized, it is clear that the idea points towards growth.

But what do you want to grow?

Obviously within the main objectives of a company is to sell more to obtain income that allows to continue with the operation and maintain the desired growth.

In the world of digital marketing, there are too many variants of objectives that can be established.

In my opinion, all the objectives are important since fulfilling one takes the other in a chain.

That is, meet goals such as positioning a site in Google in the end will lead to increased web traffic. The brand will gain recognition that eventually it will be able to generate the leads and these leads to be well taken can end up in sales.

Therefore, analyze the mission of the company is important to go hand in hand with what you want to achieve in the digital world.

Next, I will mention the marketing objectives that Facebook establishes for its advertising campaigns and others that I consider important, since in general they are simply different goals that should be met by companies.

It should be noted that a digital marketing plan can include Social Media, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. A great traits can not be completely separated from each other by the relationship that exists between them, and as I mentioned, depends on what you want to meet.

Examples of Digital Marketing Objectives

Brand Awareness

One of the objectives of digital marketing is to have the widest possible reach among the market in order to get more people to know about the company.


In social networks has taken importance the level of interaction that get the tickets. The number of messages received, I like, comments and shared as they grow generates opportunities for a relationship between business and users.

Lead Generation

The traffic you have on the website or through social networks is desirable to become constant. For this, the generation of leads is relied upon to have a database of users and their emails so that through automation it can be fostering and building loyalty to a potential client.

Website Traffic

What you want for a business is that customers come to visit the company. Similarly, in digital marketing, the company's website represents the core that must be attended. The increase in traffic from any site increases the chances of meeting other objectives.

Video Views

One of the digital marketing objectives that is generating good results is being given through the content of the videos. In the same way as the scope, the generation of video views is a metric that you want to have in greater volume to know that a message is being communicated.

Conversion Rate

The conversion is the activity that you want the user to do within the website. In general, the desired conversion is for the user to make the purchase. The higher the conversion rate, the more simply the desired success increases.

There are other objectives of Digital Marketing that can be established depending on the type of plan that is being developed.

Whether they are SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Affiliates and Email Marketing objectives, it is necessary to establish what and what you want to achieve to work towards a direction.