10 Digital Marketing Myths

1. It’s all about technology.

To think that by having a computer, software design and internet access will be solved the Digital Marketing, it is very wrong. The Digital Marketing as the traditional Marketing principles, it requires planning any campaign. Using the head is necessary to bring the process that will carried out the realization of a successful campaign. People who are in Marketing Business knows that is not only about using creativity and design, it is also of intelligence and critical thinking.

2. No one checks the email anymore.

Believe that the email has no impact, that it no longer causes attraction and that there is no return, is to fall into another error. Email remains as one of the communication channels used by companies to communicate with their followers. Certainly in any campaign you have to set goals to meet how effective it is. Email Marketing, in addition to its potential reach, is much lower cost compared with traditional mail, as well as it allows for many design and content.

3. Digital Marketing is only for large companies.

The opposite of what you might small business owners think, Digital Marketing is not only for those with a big budget and ability to develop a new campaign. Probably the SMEs can not create a similar campaign, but they can use existing tools to get their message out to their customers.

4. My products or services are very boring for Digital Marketing.

The content of a food company should not be promoted in the same way as a auto part manufacturer. If the product or service offered are not having a lot of followers it is because it’s own nature. Therefore, Digital Marketing campaigns should be well segmented to reach people that you like or are looking for such products or services “boring”. A B2B are more likely to gain followers from professional network such as Linkedin.

5. A web page is enough.

It is not enough to have on the website the corporate information and explain what it does. Having a registered domain is just one part of the digital presence. Customers need updated information. The social networks are opening opportunities to add value to digital presence. Communication is attractive to consumers because they know that by some means the business can resolve their concerns.

6. I can only be successful if I have many followers.

True, if the business has many followers it can create easily more awareness, but this does not mean that all these followers are customers. The key to a successful digital marketing campaign is to have quality followers, especially with a high probability of conversion. If we see it from one side, it is better to have 100 fans that are also constantly visiting the business than 1,000 followers who are inactive.

7. Digital Marketing should not be considered as part of the business strategy.

It will be a great waste to treat Digital Marketing as just business decoration department. Contrary to some might think about Digital Marketing, it should be considered as an important element that must be fully integrated into the business strategy. Digital Marketing is a gateway to expansion and reach new audiences.

The digital presence is a window created so that potential customers can have better access to information about what the company offers. More and more people are looking for products or services online for comparison and to know before making a purchase decision. So it is important to develop the online marketing plan with the company’s strategy.

8. I should not invest, if my competitor does not invest in Digital Marketing,

If we know that the competitor is not using digital tools, then we have a huge advantage, because you can start building the presence long before the competitor. Being a pioneer is not easy, but we must not forget that in the Digital Marketing world there are many companies that are, so will be neither the first to use the tools and not be the last. What is certain is that if you wait longer to react, the competitor may be able to gain advantage. You must act now!

9. Digital Marketing is only for advertising.

Sure, we may show information, promote new products or give out special discounts from the company. However, to use the full potential of the existing digital tools is necessary to maintain a active communication with the fans, to generate a sense of belonging with the company or commonly known as the “engagement”. Brand ambassadors have the “company’s shirt” and can be important assets in marketing.

10. Any content you upload is good for my business.

Create memes or phrases that make the fans laugh is good for a company that does not need to reflect seriousness. However, choosing the content to be used has to go according to the values and style of the company. Create high quality content will attract more visitors, especially if it is relevant and consistent with what the company promotes.

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