Does design has a real value? 2

Does design has a real value?

Watching each time in facebook groups of community managers the controversy over how much to charge, or to know the stories of some designers is more like a nightmare that many of them spend. At first hand, setting the real value for something intangible may seem like something very difficult to accomplish, and it is even more so for a service like design.

There are agencies that use their costing methods through what they pay in salaries, software, materials, time, etc. But it is when the discussion enters with the customers if it is really expensive or cheap the service they offer. That is why you see offers from agencies that for some are below what they should charge, and on the other hand maybe it is above its real value.

And it is what happens, that not all businesses are willing to pay more than they think it worth. The same happens with the services that can be provided by another professional. Therefore, to avoid the complexity of the pricing strategy, the simplest would be to opt for market prices. Surely this would be easier for the agency or the designer, but elements like experience and quality come back to ask the question, how much my work really worth.

Undoubtedly, the efforts that people make when studying, deciding to start a business or find a job, at the time of carrying out a project, leads to a big stress moment for the person. Knowing what one is worth is a matter of appreciation. I think that someone who offers some service should charge as he thinks, but he should focus more into finding someone who is willing to pay for his services and who is really satisfied with the result.

I share a post from Michael Abehsera about his perspective as a designer.

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