Infographic: Anticipating changes in social media

We know that the digital world has something that we can be tottaly sure, that is always changing. Trends of the past years will never imagine how the Internet is today. There are a large number of changes on existing social networks, a greater importance of content generation and communication between businesses and consumers 2.0. But hot to anticipate and predict the future in the digital world? It is a very difficult task and we can imagine what may happen or not.

What are some of the predictions?

Faster real-time collaboration

The reaction capacity of people to an event or situation is quickly reflected on social networks. Apps such as Periscope or Merkat help make live broadcasts of any situation. Within companies, it is easier to arrange meetings between people at different points in a more accessible way. Videoconferences are now a common element. Also, newsfeed of social networks allow livestream events to have a greater range in real time.

Improved SEO

There is an increase of consumers making smart purchases. Searching for reviews or information that can complement the purchase decision will continue to grow. Social networks are beginning to appear within search engines, so that consumers have information about others opinion. With this, it may be more effective to make a decision, rather than jus read the technical aspects

Wider Content Marketing

Social networks are no longer full of single images. Other types of content are emerging every day. From short videos or long ones, infographics, memes, e-books, blog posts, among many other forms. This will be tools that companies need to exploit to keep their community engaged.

Infographic of Digital Information World

Infografia Cambios en las redes sociales

Infographic: Anticipating changes in social media
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