Business ethics in SMEs during the mexican “Buen Fin”


I was planning to write about collective intelligence in business but I’ll leave that for another time. Given the sales promotion event of the “cheapest weekend of the year”  in Mexico, like Black Friday in the United States, has made me think about how both consumers and the companies are acting.As human beings, we learn as we grow. Different experiences are what shape our behavior. Knowing how to choose between what is right and wrong is a natural thing in companies, because they are simply made up by humans, the decision makers. In an ethical business environment, this should make us think about whether we are doing things well as businessmen, and if we are also educating our consumers to be ethical or at least to question things.

The “Buen Fin” has turned into an event that shows up the true ethic of companies. We read all over the news that large companies fall in increasing price practices. But what is not read on the internet is about small businesses who actually sacrifice some of their profitability to offer discounts. Those SMEs that are led by entrepreneurs who have impeccable business ethics are the stories that probably go unnoticed. Unfortunately, SMEs are also affected by the negative comments from unfounded people who talk about those bad practices from big companies.

What is going wrong for people to criticize companies, sometimes without reasons, and for companies to fall into these practices? What does ethical entrepreneurs need to do to be not included in the negative comments? Undoubtedly, the promotion of values inside and outside the workplace is a priority action to be performed. What kind of businessman we want to be remembered, as one who seeks just profit, or as one that really creates awareness with his acts?


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