10 Best Video Marketing Examples on Facebook

Undoubtedly, video marketing on Facebook is being a perfect combination of virality in the most worldwide used social network. Day by day, content is shared by users, but videos are those that are attracting the most attention from users. Thus, video marketing on Facebook is being promoted by the same social network. As community managers, or digital marketers, it is obvious to see that Facebook platform invites us to reach a wider community by using videos.

From my experience, video marketing on Facebook has been the most economic advertising I’ve used so far. Having a cost of $ 0.03 Mexican pesos, the equivalent of $ 0,001 US dollars for reproduction was a bargain. Really, believe what you are reading, that cost me every video reproduction. But it is worth mentioning that one advantage that I have is that I am in Latin America, and advertising bids are much lower in our area compared to the US or Europe. Similarly, I consider that a good segmentation can lead to each campaign to reduce costs and achieve better performance and return on investment.

Sometimes the video quality does not matter much, since to go viral depends even more on the content. As the recent case of Candace Payne, known as Chewbacca Mom, her video reached more than 440 million views on Facebook, which marked her as the most watched video on Facebook Live.

Here is a list by HubSpot which tells us some of the best jobs on video marketing on Facebook.

1. An extra 24 hours of kindness

2. The story Ivine and Pillow


4. Save a Bro

5. Knorr

6. Tea vs Photo

Bonus: Candance Payne

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