5 Best Social Media Marketing Tools

One problem for those who are up to community management and development of content marketing know that the use of social media can be tricky when you do not have a vast group that can help you to monitor and be active in each of the different networks that currently exist. Based on this problem of having to be publishing one by one in every social platform and have to create a different message for each, some entrepreneurs have created various tools of social media marketing that have facilitated processes for people who perform these important activities.

Social media and marketing business can be very time consuming if you do not have the support for marketing automation as provided by these tools. The use of time and its management is extremely important because it is a limited resource that must be well used to be more productive. Having to enter each social network, write a post, and keep an eye on what is happening with the followers, it becomes complicated as it grows in different networks. And one objetive could be to generate leads, where you can learn more from this tips for B2B. For a business can be costly to have to hire many people that is only aware of one social network, so these social media marketing tools have been a great response to that need.

Tools of Social Media Marketing

It is worth mentioning that some have trial versions and some are with free versions. Personally I have used the free version of Buffer, but it limits the number of social networks in which you can program your posts. However, that version can help facilitate the process for some bloggers in sharing in the various social networks. As mentioned in the infographic, the best tools of social media is Agora Press since it has had the best ratings.

Agora Pulse

Sprout Social




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