The apps market for kids, a dismissed opportunity?

While it is becoming easier to find apps for any type of situation fn everyday, the most popular apps usually end up being used by adults. Social networks are made for everyone, but really the parents, or those responsible for the children, maybe some do not see well that their children are in those networks. Or, on the other hand, there are children who are participants in the networks, but their level of use is not like that of any older person. So which apps are the ones that interest the kids?

It remains for the parents to discuss whether they should have children sitting down with a tablet or a smartphone and just looking at the screen, but what is certain is that more and more children are seen using one of these devices. That is why it creates an opportunity to focus on a market that can be beneficial to the IT development businesses.

According to Tanya Unger, UI / UX product designer, in her guide to building applications for children, there are different aspects to take into account.

Kids app needs

Children need continuous feedback that allows them to learn and be heard to know what is right, what is not and what they like and do not like. For this, it is important to keep them attracted and to achieve the challenge is an important element. Their development in trust can be much greater, so it is important to maintain that level so that they like to use the application. Finally, they are in constant development, so maintaining elements that generate intellectual challenges will be beneficial.

Diseñar para niños

To find ideas of what they might like, just do an investigation by looking at them and allowing them to be involved in the design of the application. At the end of the day, they will use it. For this, you will have to do the tests and see what is working.

Diseñar para Niños

Finally, the designer gives us important tips that should be considered. For example, children are not ignorant and can identify when they are trying to sell something. So it is not advisable to trick them to buy. Also, children sometimes get used to touch the bottom of the screen, so if you consider placing advertisements ideally don’t put them in that area, as they probably push it by mistake and this will get them out of the app, causing them to be pissed off. On the other hand, it must be remembered that the colors are an important point for them, so it is essential to maintain eye-catching colors. Knowing that children like challenges, we must create environments that allow them to go beyond reality and have infinite possibilities. It should be remembered that the market is focused on children and that it should be designed having them as the main aspect for development.

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