+1173 Cool Animated Icons in After Effects Files

In this page I share with you a compilation of animated icons in after effects that might be helpful for your Digital Marketing activities and video projects. The files I add here are from Envato Elements, where there are also even more amount of animated icons in after effects files on their subscription. All packs are under the Envato Elements subscription, so if you plan to get it, then you don’t have to worry about deciding which animated icons set is good for you. On the internet there are several websites where you can also create another animated videos like Canva, which it is a free and paid website that can help you to design better social media posts. 

Animated Icons in After Effects Files

181 Animated Icons

This pack includes 181 animated icons that you can use for your communication strategy videos. The icons that are included are from devices, infographics, and more shapes that can be easily applied on any video. The file is in after effects and can help your marketing videos with this looped animations. 

40 Animated Business Icons

This 40 animated business icons pack are fully customizable with in and outs of after effects. You don’t require any eternal plugin for after effects to make them work. The animated icons that are included are for business, corporations, and marketing activities. 

500+ Animated Icons

This is a huge pack of animated icons that includes different type of categories. From animal, cooking and transportation icons to business and internet animated icons. Also sport, medical and technology animated icons. 

12 Digital Marketing Animated Icons

In the world of developing technology and digital content, visual elements play an important role. With the help of simple graphic pictograms called icons you can greatly enrich your content. Each pictogram serves as a sign of a certain idea or object, helps the user to perceive the information more emotionally and stay engaged. These icons are used in various types of digital and web content. You can place them into a website, presentation, infographic, explainer video, etc. Even more, a set of good quality icons is able to noticeably increase the efficiency of UI and UX design in a mobile app. There are different types of icons to use with different types of content. You can find simple thin linear icons that are made with the help of thin line, outline icons, flat icons and more. Icons of one type and concept are usually put together into a thematic pack for the convenience of the user. We offer you numerous collections of various icons for your content. You will definitely find the collection that is the most suitable for your product or business.

390 Line Animated Icons

This line animated icons have the easeness to change colors and adapt it to your design. The different types of animated icons can be easily added using after effects. The icons can use according to your topic, which the range could be about business, marketing, finance, technology and more. 

50 Flat Animated Icons

This flat animated icons are simple and easy adaptable. the dual colors can help the icon to differentiate and have a nice contrast. This animated icons are more generic, but if you do a combination with the other set of animated icons packs then you can improve your video animation. 

Business meeting
Team working on presentation

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