Among Entrepreneurs, Brexit & Donald Trump

No doubt the changes at the global level are yet to come. The results we saw last year gave surprise to many of those considered millennials. A sense of discontent has been generated among so many young people that it still seems incredible that the decisions have been made that the majority took.

Young entrepreneurs must be alert to what external conditions are causing. While it is mentioned that the current American leader is opting for a protectionist policy, this is where entrepreneurs will have to adapt to what the new conditions establish. Start looking for the American market, or look for new horizons. The world is very large, and ignorance of African or Asian markets may seem like a very large barrier to eliminating. But here an opportunity has already been opened to embark on a new path, and for entrepreneurs can be an important experience. What about Brexit? Undoubtedly, in the European market will be reflected the change in the following years, especially its impact on the financial sector as mentioned by Toby Clarence.

Well, Donald Trump has made changes, but as entrepreneurs, I think we should adjust to those conditions that any state leader assigns in his policies. There may be those in favor and others against, but there are rules that are out of control. Those who are able to adapt and take a step forward will be those who can continue to grow in the face of obstacles that arise.

For now I share the video of the week between Angela Merkel and Donald Trump.




Among Entrepreneurs, Brexit & Donald Trump
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