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Social networks wherever and at any time. We wake up, we watch our smartphone to check notifications of social networks, then we continue with our daily activities in the morning, and within a few minutes we return to check again our social networks. At work, at lunch break, back to work, and within the whole routine surely we returned to see a social network. Actually what advantages and disadvantages of social media have been generated in our lives.

You have to think for a moment and look into our past. How we were before? Did we anticipated changes in social networks, anyone remember? 10 or 15 years ago MSN Messenger or some other messaging software were used, They were not called as social media, but some were already giving signs of what were coming. Internet forums, chat rooms, online games, internet and more options were giving life to the social media we know today.

Was it really good that social networks have appeared in our lives? Or maybe they should never been invented. What has been the positive and the negative of social media in people, in schools, or in business.

I leave here a list of some main points of social media in different areas.


2.27 Billion users per Month


1 Billion users per Month


1.8 Million users per Month

Advantages and disadvantages of social media in business

Social Media Advantages

  • Social media platforms are useful tools to learn about your audience.
  • It can be used for free and ads are at low cost.
  • Social Media makes easy to share content or product details.
  • Improves brand loyalty.

Social Media Disadvantages

  • Consumes too much employees time.
  • Possibility of negative users and comments.
  • It is needed a high security on private information.

Advantages and disadvantages of social media in society

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Social Media Advantages

  • Connect with people.
  • Opportunity to organize events and meetups.
  • Helps to get new friends or a partner.
  • In social media platforms you can share images and videos of important moments.
  • You can connect with people from all around the world.
  • It gives you the opportunity to network with other professionals.
  • Helps to communicate at any time.
  • You can share opinion of an event at the moment.
  • Exists a great quantity of content.

Social Media Disadvantages

  • You can expose your private life.
  • It takes too much time of people.
  • If you share something, it might never be deleted.
  • Risk that your personal information is used for a crime.
  • Bullying in social media can be frequent.
  • Fake accounts with your identity can be created, as well as trolls

Advantages and disadvantages of social media in youth

Social Media Advantages

  • Teamwork and organization is easier.
  • You can keep in tough with your professors.
  • Tech skills can be developed in students.
  • Students can learn about personal branding and professional development by using social media.
  • Teachers must keep up to date and innovate in their methods.
  • Documents can be shared easily.

Social Media Disadvantages

  • If used in class, it can be a great distraction for the student.
  • Human interaction is lost, if social media is the only communication tool that is used.

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