Ad Campaign: How to Make It Truly Effective

jenniffer hahn masterson

By Jennifer Hahn Masterson

Having a creative ad which is not memorable and that doesn’t deliver a personally meaningful message and a call-to-action will definitely not strike marketing gold. There is no known magic formula for creating a compelling ad and actually following strict rules or templates can be part of the problem. There are however many useful tips on how to achieve the desired results of a well-marketed campaign. So, what can really make your ad stand out from all the others, and how can you be sure to target the right customers?

Understanding what you are selling.

Before you start advertising you should be aware of the needs that you want to satisfy within your consumers. You should be asking yourself: why do customers buy our product? Does it solve a problem? Does it help save time or money? Or, does it have unique features or qualities?


Define and outline what needs your product is oriented to and carve out your campaign towards it in order to give a clear message and to be focused and on point. 

To whom do you speak?

Once you define your target audience you will need to find a unique way to relate to them. When it comes to advertising, age is definitely not a number, any age group can be a specific target audience and reaching them through an ad requires attention and precision.

You can adjust the ad’s vocabulary to connect with and seem familiar to your target audience. You should take the context of their personal situations and family dynamics into consideration, for example are they young families with kids or a single person for example?


Finally, you should pay attention to your audience’s needs in order to deliver a message that they would like to hear, making sure that your products and services also deliver upon that promise.

No Copy Paste

Many advertisers are following ongoing trends and keep their work in-line with other artist’s styles.This can seem like a safe path to take, but long term it’s definitely not the right one. Once you’ve found your feet and got some experience, you will need to step out of the shadow of leading companies and artists in order to develop your skills and build brands which are recognizable and credible on their own merits.


Don’t be a follower, choose to be a trend setter instead and establish your brand’s personality, it can be a long journey to get there, but it does pay off. Progressive curriculums in this field, as this current master in advertising, for example, underscore the importance of guiding individuals to independence at all stages of the advertising process in order to work effectively at an international level.

Fresh is good, familiar is better

Consistency is crucial. You don’t need to change your brand appearance in order to offer a fresh new look. Stick to the recognizable fonts, taglines, and imagery of your brand. Utilize space well making sure that everything has purpose and relevancy, and that no space is in not adding something exciting or interesting to the ad.


Apple is one example of a company that has used simpleand recognizable messages and aesthetics for many years. People connect easily and feel comfortable with familiar things since an essence of loyalty and trust is maintained. 

Don't forget your website!

Focusing on ad campaigns can distract your attention from your website. Even if you have an amazing ongoing campaign there will still be some consumers that will check-out your website in the meantime. Your website should support your campaigns by using the same fonts, taglines and imagery. 


One thing to do, even if it’s obvious, is to test your online application forms. No one has time to deal with complicated and time-consuming questions and layouts, so simplify these processes in order to convert those clicks.

Don't forget your website!

Please do not use the lack of finances as an excuse for a poor advertising campaign. Turn the situation into an opportunity to shine by coming up with a brilliant idea that transcends financial restraints.

Sometimes being unique and playing with an idea that is new to your industry can bring about amazing results. Somethingthatseems old-fashioned or strange could actually be an idea that turns out to be a gold mine. One financial institution ran a campaign for a bank that featured a main character that was quite expressive about having no money which is unexpected for a bank,and this campaign actually brought them many new customers as a result.


Advertising is way more than just having a creative idea. You need to have a bigger picture in your mind, build a brand personality that is memorable and that communicates a resonant message with your target audience through many channels including the website, social media, and traditional advertising. That may seem like a lot at first, but by using your talent and discipline you can stand out, obtain new customers, achieve brand loyalty, and increased sales.

By Jennifer Hahn Masterson

Jennifer Hahn Masterson is senior business strategist, holding an MA degree in business communication. She is always doing her best to help her clients find their place in the ever so competitive business arena. You can check her out on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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